Camelia Tamasanu

About Dr. Camelia Tamasanu

Camelia is an Associate Instructor with American Bowen Academy, NIH Fellowship for CAM Practitioner Research Experience, a  DPT graduate from Nova Southeastern University and she has experience in hands-on massage and alternative body work with more than 15 years of experience. She has devoted all her time and effort into finding ways to effectively relieve physical and mental pain experienced by victims of trauma and accidents.

Our HBPT Journey

“Our story starts from a deep passion for human body with a blend between health and beauty.

At first was the intention on to help people cope with pain and overcome their health issues, as well as detox with therapeutic massage and other bodywork or holistic/alternative therapies (Tibetan lymphatic drainage, Chi Nei Tsang, Bowenwork, Reflexology, Trigger Points, Deep tissue massage, LMD ).

In time, through experience performing massage for cellulite reduction in a body sculpting spa, the wish to help people improve their body and skin texture came alive. That posed the questions: What is cellulite and how it can be treated? Why do people develop belly fat after a certain age? Could that be also a result of muscle atrophy and poor postural control? How can we do belly sculpting and body shaping with long-lasting results? Therefore, we put in place a health and beauty physical therapy office. We combined different methods such as massage, detox, physical therapy for postural control, neuromuscular education with medical devices as radio frequency, infrared, vacuum, shockwave therapy, and endospheres therapy. We provide solutions for: chronic/acute pain due to pulled muscle, osteoarthritis, tendinitis; lower back pain; body shaping; belly shaping; improve collagen; improving skin elasticity; muscle toning; connective tissues disorders; depression; sports injuries; spasticity and motor functionality; postoperative LMD; lymphatic massage drainage after BBL/ tummy tuck.