This traditional Tibetan Healing method entails, that you can achieve efficient results in healing headaches, migraines, thyroid problems, arthritis, cartilages, spinal pain; cardiac, circulatory, and digestive disorders, menstrual cycle deviations, neurological problems, depression, and the list is ongoing.


  • reduces the stress of nerves
  • corrects negative mental and emotional states
  • special techniques help reduce addiction/substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, drugs)
  • supports the self-healing process of the body
  • helps the healing process and the regeneration of the body’s organs and tissues, egg. after surgery or prolonged illness
  • removal of cysts, kidney- and gallstones, without surgery
  • helps in the treatment of cancer
  • completely removes or alleviates pain
  • increases the vitality supply; has refreshing, stimulating effects
  • expands human values and enhances personality